Obama Students Attend Student Voice Conference

Aaron Ntoko (Freshman)

On Friday, March 3, PPS held a Student Voice Conference at Duquesne University. Student leaders  from every Pittsburgh Public High School were invited to attend sessions that addressed concepts and issues that related to their school experience. 

The conference began with Superintendent Dr. Wayne Walters giving a speech about the importance of student voice in the district. Students were then directed to classrooms on the Duquesne campus. There were various sessions including How to Organize and Mobilize, which was about organizing for change; United not Divided, which was about school cohesion; Building a Safe Space, which was about school improvement; Dream Big, a session about expanding projects taught by Obama Sophomore Clark Ehman and Junior Mariah Gaines; Life After High School, which was about workplace preparation; Supporting Queer Peers, which was about LGBTQ+ students; Work/Life Balance, which was about managing time; and Wellness and Growth. 

“I think it’s been fun, I learned a lot. I love all of the choices they offer. I would definitely do this again,” said a Sci-Tech student. 

Dr. Walters speaking to students in the opening ceremony

Obama Freshman Reece Williams said, “This is a unique experience. I love that I am learning so many skills. I really enjoyed Dream Big because I want to dream big.”

The annual conference is in its second year, and hopes to continue empowering students. “Dr. Walters has made it a priority in the district so that students have an opportunity to share their voice. The conference was amazing because the students were amazing. They organized this,” said Ms. Reid, the Project Manager for Student Voice. 

Other students agree. “I would go again,” said Obama Freshman Mae Balog. “It’s really eye opening seeing all these students taking charge of the community.”

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