Winter Sports Roundup

Reece Williams (Freshman)

As the season of winter sports comes to an end we should look back on the accomplishments and victories our teams have fulfilled this year. From basketball to swimming, Obama sports had a great season.

The boys basketball team had a successful season making it to the city championships where they played against Allderdice at Duquesne on February 19th. Though the Eagles got defeated with the score resulting in 66-42, they still had an amazing season led by Captain Teyron Wofford. Freshman Jaden Colbert, who plays on both JV and varsity expressed excitement and enthusiasm for the overall performance of the teams. 

“Our season was good as a team, we got better since the start of the season when it was a little shaky. We found our chemistry and got back into it for the second half of the season. I think overall we did really good as a team,” said Colbert. 

Similar to the boys basketball, the girls team found the start of the season “shaky” but ended up finding success from their season. “As a team I feel as though we got better. At the beginning of the season we were kind of struggling to get our chemistry and everything going, but by the end I feel like everything went good,” said Senior Kimaya Willliams. They played against Allderdice at Duquesne on February 19th where they won city championships with the score ending in 75-29. The team was eliminated from the PIAA playoffs in a game against Erie Cathedral Prep on March 4. Williams has high hopes for the team’s future. “For the future players I hope they continue leading, winning, and being close on and off the court.”

The wrestling team won their first city championship after 14 years. They faced Allderdice, Brashear, Carrick, Perry, and Westinghouse in the PIAA District 8 AAA tournament. Following city championships 4 out of 10 players who moved onto finals won gold medals. “ This season went extremely well for the whole team. We won our first ever city championship, and we are a very young team. I believe we will keep on improving,” said Isaac Werner, a freshman who was one of the players who won gold medals in the finals. 

The swim team went to city championships against Allderdice, where Amina Goetz won a gold in girls backstroke and Balaji Alager won a gold in boys freestyle, as well as backstroke. Though the team had a successful season, Allderdice managed to win in relays which placed them in 1st. “It went a lot better this year than last year because we had a lot more people on the team and it was a better environment,” said Junior Cora Myers. “I think next year if we build up to that and work more towards making our relay a lot better than we can hopefully go to states as a team”. 

Even though winter sports are coming to an end, we should continue to celebrate the wins and losses of this amazing season and look forward to next year.

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