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IB Arts Exhibitions

Outside the Auditorium before honors night on Thursday June 9, art made by 12th grade IB Art students was exhibited. The art was a wide variety, from classical portraits, to more contemporary pieces, to some painted internet memes.

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The Effects of Social Media on Teens

It is undeniable that all teenagers have come into contact with social media in some way. Though it is largely a technology of the twenty-first century, its popularity has transformed teenage life. This provides today’s adolescents with a unique perspective and set of tools; we are growing up in a completely different landscape than that of our parents.

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The Legacy of Butterflies: New Mural in East Liberty

Cecilia Price-Knight is a servant leader who has recently been featured on the newest East Liberty Mural. Located on the East Liberty Place South building off Penn Avenue, the mural looks over a changed landscape starkly different from a couple of decades ago. This change is something that Mrs. Price-Knight experienced firsthand when gentrification forced her to close her restaurant Impressionz, which served Jamaican cuisine that was long a stalwart of both dining and community circles.

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