Obama Students Shine in Inaugural Showcase

Obama Students Shine in Inaugural Showcase

By Reece Williams (Freshman)

Dorian “Killa D” Cole performing “Bad” by Michael Jackson. Credit: Arya Datta.

On Thursday, April 20th there was a black history showcase held in the auditorium. In the showcase high school students performed singing, dancing, instrumentals, comedy, and so much more. Grades 9-12 were invited to perform and watch their peers show off their unique talents.

The show started off with Dorian Cole’s eventful performance of the classic Michael Jackson hit “Bad”. The performance was suspenseful at first, with the stage being pitch black, and then a sudden spark of light striking Cole in his replica Michael Jackson inspired outfit. In a later interview speaking of his preparation before the show he said, “I prepared by listening to the song over and over again, practicing on the instrumental version, singing the song, and practicing the dance moves.” The crowd was chanting his nickname “Killa D”,  and “went crazy” when he danced, said Cole. “I was very nervous before the show started and thought I was gonna mess up.” “My mom said she was proud, and after the show everyone told me good job, they even asked to take pictures with me and asked for autographs. That made me feel happy and proud of myself.” 

Another one of the hits was Trevor Weller with his impressions. During his performance he impersonated lots of pop culture icons such as Elmo, Kermit, Stewie Griffin, and even Obama while singing Stand By Me, by Ben E. King. Weller said that he applied to act in the show to “experience as much onstage performance” as he can. To prepare for his act Weller practiced daily infront of his family. Overall he was “pleased” with his performance, and relieved that he didn’t forget any of his lines.

After many other acts, like Bryon Clark on the drums, Kaylin Ashley Thompson playing the guitar, and Maria Nopaltecatl Garcia singing, the showcase continued with a fashion show. The show gave the audience insight into pop culture trends over the years. It began with African heritage culture, and then moved to the 1920s and went to the 2010s. All the outfits on display were organized and modeled by students, with the help of Ms. Clarke. 

Overall the showcase was a hit, and both the participants and spectators expressed that they would like this to be a recurring event.

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