Obama Recap 2022

Kenza Bey, Lucy Caroff (Sophomores)

As we say goodbye to 2022, The Eagle Times looks back on all of the good things that happened here at Obama in the last year. From new administration to exciting new or expanding activities, 2022 was a great year for improvements at Obama. 

To start, the Eagles have met success in several sports. The girls’ basketball team won the City League Championship in the spring with then Senior Samaree Perkins being named the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Player of The Year, and scoring her thousandth point. The Obama Baseball Team also won their first City Championship in the Spring. Obama won another championship  when Freshman Reese Williams won the Girls Singles City Tennis Championship in the Fall. 

Obama’s clubs also saw some major developments through 2022. Many clubs have comebacks after the COVID year, including the revival of The Eagle Times, which has nearly doubled its writers since the beginning of 2022. The Obama Marching Band has also expanded. With more musicians, color guards and dancers, the band is on its way up The Obama Book Club was visited by Anthony Doerr, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, who talked about his most recent book, Cloud Cuckoo Land, in October. 

Youth and Government had major success at Model 2022, and the club has only improved since then. Many Obama delegates were elected to statewide positions at the Elections Convention in November, with Junior Diya Singh being elected to serve as a Presiding Officer for the 2022-23 club year. The number of club participants has increased greatly this year as well. Yuriel Holeman, a sophomore, said “I’m actually having a lot of fun with YAG this year.” 

Not only did old clubs come back but brand new clubs have emerged. The weightlifting club, led by Mr. Bynum, was created earlier this year and welcomes participants from all grades. Sophomore Kailyn Ashley-Thompson speaks highly of her time in the club, “ [Bynum’s] doing a good job…[weightlifting] helps with emotions in a healthy way.” Children of Steel is another brand new club at Obama. It aims to motivate students to volunteer more in their communities.

The Eagle Times has also noticed a social shift at Obama in 2022. Some students say this is due to the connections they’ve finally made coming out of the pandemic, “We’re connecting more, and getting closer friends,” says Sophomore Raini Giles. Other students credit this social improvement to changes in administration like new Vice Principals Mrs. Bailey and Mr. Clawson. Students agree that the atmosphere at Obama has changed into a more positive one. Sophomore Ava Miller says, “This year just feels a lot like before Covid, it seems everyones more chilled out and used to regular school.” 

We close off 2022 at a high, ready for what the new year brings and with happy memories of the past . We hope this success continues, and our sports, clubs, and social connections grow and improve in the coming year. As we enter winter break, The Eagle Times thanks everyone for a great year and wishes everyone happy holidays.

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