Homecoming 2022

Homecoming 2022

By Reece Williams (Freshman)

The filled New Hazlett Theater. Credit: Aavin Mangalmurti

Although many described the dance as starting out “slow,” students shuffling through the foyer, congregating in huddles as they sampled the food and tried the limited assortment of drinks, October 29th will end up staying in the minds of its attendees for a long time. From the music and lights to catching up with friends, Homecoming ‘22 was a night to remember.

The New Hazlett theater located on the Northside was a remarkable venue that both upper and underclassmen enjoyed. “I loved it, it was like I was in a different world”, said a Junior at Obama. “I liked how fancy it was, but also fun,” another student said. Everyone liked how much seating and space there was in the theater itself. Overall the venue was “unique” and different from most district homecomings.

Homecoming court this year was equally unique. Instead of going the traditional route with just a king and a queen it was changed to 3 categories that contained arts, athletics, and academics. There was a winner for each category per grade, totalling 12 winners overall. When asked about the students’ takes on the new addition many conveyed the same message. “It’s interesting and different but I like how inclusive it is, and it’s cool that they’re breaking gender barriers, ” said a court nominee.  The students who chose to run in hopes of winning did it because “it [seemed] fun and there [was] nothing to lose.” 

Not only did many students at Obama attend but also students from other schools. Many of the guests liked how the dance was held indoors instead of outdoors and they were amazed by the details that were put in to make everything extra special. Some even remarked that Obama’s Homecoming was better than their own school’s.

Homecoming Court winners pose for a celebratory photo. From left to right: Negley Samuels (Senior
Academics), Mattey Lollar (Senior Arts), Mya Quarles (Senior Athletics), Jecarra Anderson (Junior Arts),
Korey Lowe (Junior Academics), Max Qureshi (Junior Athletics), Hirai Shuda (Sophomore Academ-
ics), Niyah Maddox (Sophomore Arts), Tywone McCoy-Jones (Sophomore Athletics), Jaquille McIntosh
(Freshman Athletics), Maria Nopaltecatl (Freshman Arts), Nyeila Parker (Freshman Academics).
Credit: Mariah Gaines

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