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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Dirling

Ms. Dirling is known for a few things to her students: her humor, her candidness, and her BFF status with Mr. Collinger. The Eagle Times wanted to know more about Ms. Dirling, so we interviewed her. Some fun facts about her are that she owns a dog named Meatball Spaghetti Noodle Dirling, she donated 8 ft of hair to Wigs for Kids in her 20’s, and she cut her finger off in 11th grade. Read more about Ms. Dirling in this month’s Teacher Spotlight!

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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Sharif-Lucas

For this month’s Teacher Spotlight, the Eagle Times interviewed Ms. Sharif-Lucas. Ms. Sharif is the high school music teacher, and single handedly runs Obama’s band. Starting out at Ellis, she worked at various schools as an instrumental music teacher and marching band director before settling at Schenley High School and finally, Obama. Our conversation was spur of the moment, but covered everything from Denzel Washington to martial arts.

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