Articles by Isaiah

Isaiah Trumbull

Articles by Isaiah

Obama Runs The City

Spring sports wrapped up this week, with every team finding success on their own courts, fields, and lanes. Both the baseball and the girls track team won the City League, the softball and volleyball teams went to the City League Finals, and the tennis and track teams sent athletes to states. Read more to find out about individual team’s seasons!

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The Legacy of Butterflies: New Mural in East Liberty

Cecilia Price-Knight is a servant leader who has recently been featured on the newest East Liberty Mural. Located on the East Liberty Place South building off Penn Avenue, the mural looks over a changed landscape starkly different from a couple of decades ago. This change is something that Mrs. Price-Knight experienced firsthand when gentrification forced her to close her restaurant Impressionz, which served Jamaican cuisine that was long a stalwart of both dining and community circles.

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City of Bridges High School: Obama’s Unknown Neighbor

To the uninitiated, City of Bridges High School looks nothing like one would expect. To the left of the front door is a kitchen where students cook their meals. To the right is what looks like a normal dining area. It is only after going down the hall when one sees tables and chairs in a large room set up to learn. On both the first and second floor, the layout and floor plan of a home have been repurposed and every inch rethought to make it a place of learning.

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