Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Vitti

Norma Fruzynski, Isaiah Trumbull (Juniors)

Mr. Vitti is the 9th grade Civics teacher and the upperclassmen Theory of Knowledge teacher. He returned this year from a sabbatical having lowered his golf handicap by at least two strokes. Being “secure in his masculinity” Vitti was unafraid to have the below picture pasted around the school.

Mr. Vitti

Referring to his bucket philosophy, which states that everyone has a bucket with some amount of liquid; each person has the ability to bucket fill or dip depending on how they treat others. When you fill others buckets, yours stays full, but when you dip in other’s buckets, yours empties as well. Vitti advocates for bucket filling, saying, “The more supportive we are of each other as a class and as a school the more we will all thrive.”

Vitti says that one thing that he encourages his students to do is get out of the city and explore, “if you can get away from home, get away from home.” He attended Marquette University in Milwaukee and said that he was able to mature and grow up there. Vitti contrasted his depth and variety of experiences with someone who has lived their entire life in Pittsburgh. “Mr. Ehman is still a child in a man’s body,” he said

Vitti still feels a deep connection to the school. It has been forty years since he graduated from Peabody and he is amazed that he has spent so much time in the same building. He says that although he appreciates the work that has been put into beautifying the building, “It looked like a jail then and looks like a jail now.”

Vitti says that the reason he has stuck around is because of his students. “My heart is in the city,” he said. “I want to help kids in the city.”

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