The Phone Detective: Mr. Collinger

The Phone Detective: Mr. Collinger

By Norma Fruzynski (Junior)

Mr. Collinger

Despite success in the reduction of phone use at Obama, Yondr pouches have not easily been integrated into everyday life. The pouches are mistreated, there are many incidents in which phone usage is an issue, and the enforcement of the system differs from teacher to teacher. 

The Eagle Times sat down with High School Chemistry Teacher Mr. Collinger to ask a few questions regarding Yondr pouches because of his active role in checking bags every morning. Collinger says that his goal when bag checking is to pick out the poorly hidden phones so students do not think it is okay to have them out in plain sight for everyone to see. He also says that he and Mr. Chapman make a “dream team” for bag checking, creating a competition based on who can pick out the most phones by the end of the morning. 

Things can get rather intricate, especially when they are sticking their hands in dirty shoes in order to find the tricky hiding spots. He has future plans to start inspecting lunchboxes after hearing rumors that kids are getting past inspectors by hiding phones in them. All in all, he thinks the Yondr pouch system was a good idea, and it is making a difference in phone usage.

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