Student Spotlight: Diya Singh

Student Spotlight: Diya Singh

By Kenza Bey, Lucy Caroff (Sophomores)

Diya Singh

It is often said that the youth are our future. Diya Singh, a junior at Obama, embodies this idea. An avid member of Youth in Government, an active political participant and a player on the USO varsity girls soccer team, Singh is a promising and inspirational young student.

Singh joined Youth and Government—often referred to as YAG—during the online year. The club is a civic engagement program run by the YMCA that gives students the opportunity to participate in youth-led mock state government. It is split into three branches, judicial, press and legislative. Singh is a part of the legislative branch, which creates bills, and does house and senate debates on those bills She reflects on the beginning of her YAG journey as not being enjoyable for her “I showed up to the meetings and at first I was like this is the most boring thing and I hate this, and I didn’t even want to do it,” she said This did not stop her from running for a committee chair position, and attending the Model Convention at the end of that year. “I was extremely scared of talking in front of people,” she said. I was shaking while speaking in front of a virtual committee.” Things have shifted since then. Singh was invited to attend the Conference on National Affairs, a prestigious event that draws YAG participants from around the United States. She attributes this trip as the reason she ended up staying in YAG. 

Come spring, Singh will run for the highest position in the program, youth governor. “It was never my intention to run for governor,” she said. “But Youth and Government has given me so much. I think I owe it to the program” For Singh, YAG is not just a club with a cult-like reputation, it is a place for “youth to find a path in life.” YAG is a way for young people to get familiar with the inner workings of our state government at a young age. It has given her many opportunities and has impacted where she sees herself in the future. 

Singh believes heavily in the importance of Youth being interested and involved in politics. “I think being politically engaged at a young age is super important, and luckily we are seeing increased reports of young people being involved in politics.” She doesn’t feel she sees the same results at Obama. ”I don’t think there’s a lot of interest for it at our school,”she said. “I think that if youth want to make a difference no one will care until we care enough ourselves to…actually make that difference.” 

Singh not only believes in the importance of youth in politics, she has personally made strides to make as much of an impact as she can. She is one of two people from Pennsylavania who were chosen to be YMCA youth advocates. In this position she has the chance to go to Congress and represent the YMCA’s interests on a national level. “I think that it will make a difference… I’ve heard that when youth express their interests and priorities members of congress are very receptive,” she said. 

Even though Singh may appear to be solely focused on her education and pursuing her path in YAG, she also makes time for her other passions and hobbies. She plays for the Obama girls varsity soccer team in the fall, and trains with futsal in the winter. In her free time she likes to spend it with her dog, or reading. She volunteers with student council, where helps out with miscellaneous tasks around the school. Singh is involved in other clubs, including the Children of Steel, a student-led tutoring program. 

Singh’s future is so far undecided. “It’s pretty much up in the air,” she says honestly. She’s considering many paths but also says that it mostly depends on where she decides to go college. “I’d like to study government or political science to some capacity” she said. She knows for sure that she’d like to be politically involved for the rest of her life, but doesn’t know if she would pursue a career in political office.It is undeniable that Singh has a bright future in front of her in whatever path she decides to pursue. It was clear from our interview that she is a well rounded, determined, and humorous student.. The Eagle Times is ready for the difference she will inevitably make at the community, state, and national level, and wishes her luck in her upcoming youth governor election. 

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