Obama Ski Club Returns to Old Traditions

Obama Ski Club Returns to Old Traditions

By Arya Datta, Hirai Shuda (Sophomores)

On January 20, the Obama Ski Club went on its first trip of the season to Hidden Valley resort in the Laurel Highlands. Many students had the opportunity to get out onto the slopes. Junior Jonah Hart said, “I finally hit the trick I wanted.” Echoing this, Sophomore Nick Black said, “I love snowboarding, it is such a fun sport and this trip was super fun. I would 100% go again.” 

The Ski Club has been a longtime tradition at Obama and Schenley. It is heading into its 24th year. While during the pandemic, the ski club struggled to pull in students, this year’s trip was attended by over 40 kids. Ski Club president Jane Balog says that the club has done a lot of fundraising for trips, selling hot chips, cookies, honey buns, and beverages every Thursday during lunch. The fundraisers help lower pricing for trips, which lowers barriers for people that might be nervous about going. The next trip will be on February 10 to Seven Springs Ski Resort.

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