Black History Month Celebration Starts at Obama

Black History Month Celebration Starts at Obama

By Rose Carlie-Pierre (Freshman)

BHM artwork put up by Ms. Clarke

Black History Month (BHM) is the annual celebration of achievements by Black people and a time for recognizing their role in United States history. It aims to honor the contributions that Black people have made and to recognize their sacrifices. BHM is a time to spread awareness and learn more, while continuing to support the Black community’s histories, traditions, and culture. 

Here are some of the things Obama is doing to recognize BHM 

On February 3, Obama held an activity day where students learned about African American heritage through games, music, art, and books.  

Throughout the month, the morning announcements will also change, adding a piece of information about a Black person or creation that influenced history. 

The wall decorations have also changed. Students can view BHM art put up by Ms. Clarke in the display case across from the main office. Mrs. Dugan made a periodic table that highlights Black history makers on the third floor. 

Describing the importance of BHM celebration, one teacher remarked, “setting an example for our students makes it possible to strive for what you want and believe in.”

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