Senior Raymar Coleman Named to Steelers All-Peer Team

Senior Raymar Coleman Named to Steelers All-Peer Team

By Mariah Gaines (Junior)

As children, we are all told to strive to be leaders. “Be a good example,” teachers and mentors say, “Don’t always follow the pack.” High school is a make or break juncture for leaders. Some struggle in the high-pressure high school environment. Others hit the ground running, excelling in and out of the classroom. Raymar Coleman is one of the latter.

Coleman is the captain of the football team and a leader on and off the field. Post-season, Coleman was contacted by one of his coaches who told him he had been selected for the inaugural Pittsburgh Steelers All-Peer Team. This team was to consist of 11 high school football players from across the region who “go above and beyond to provide mentor-like support for their teammates,” according to the Steelers website. Coleman was nominated by his coach, and only found out about it until he won. “When he had called me about it I was just shocked and filled with joy,” Coleman said. 

Coleman added that he didn’t think he had done anything extraordinary. He said, “I was just being me… and my coach noticed my hard work on and off the field and thought that I deserved the All-Peer Team selection.” The Steelers did as well. 

This recognition came with a number of well-deserved accolades as well. Coleman received two tickets to the Steelers’ last regular-season game against the Cleveland Browns where he got to be down on the field during team warm-ups. In addition, Coleman was given a plaque of acknowledgement and USO got a $1,000 grant. Coleman says he hopes to see the money go towards new equipment, apparel, or jerseys next season.

Coleman has closed out his years with the USO football team and leaves big shoes to be filled by the next student willing to step up. “I want a ‘ship, that’s all I gotta say,” he said. 

But while Coleman moves on, his legacy of leadership and teamwork will remain. He wants people to know that “someone’s always watching your hard work even when you don’t think they are.”

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