Scan on Entry?

Scan on Entry?

By Isaiah Trumbull (Junior)

A Scanning Machine at the Obama Entrance

Students have seen the new scanning machines just inside the school but may not use them or know what they are for. “Students are expected to scan-in in the morning,” said Vice Principal Mr. Clawson. When used correctly, the scanners ensure that the people that are in the building are supposed to be there. 

Many other PPS schools have the systems in place. Mr. Clawson says that the scanner company sends attendance data trends to the school district. A big reason why the system is in place is for safety. Ideally, every student would scan their student ID in the morning and the school would be notified if a suspended student or someone not on any rosters entered. 

Additionally, Mr. Clawson says that the scanners are beneficial to students because they provide a way to verify attendance. He says that it is now easier for the school to resolve attendance disputes. If a student was not previously listed present then the school can look back in the logs to ensure that they were there. Unfortunately, the scanners can only serve as backup for other attendance taking measures like homeroom when few people scan in every day.

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