Student Spotlight: Trevor Wellor

Student Spotlight: Trevor Wellor

By Kenza Bey, Lucy Caroff (Freshmen)

Trevor Weller

To many, Trevor Weller may just be some football playing Junior bounding through the halls, mostly keeping to himself, but his nearly two thousand Instagram followers inspired The Eagle Times to inquire a bit more. The interview made clear that Trevor is a busy person. His many passions and pursuits pull him around in different directions. 

Trevor is a member of Obama’s football team, and puts a lot of effort into personal improvement. When asked about his individual performance this past season he said,“I think I did very well.” The effort he puts into the physical aspect of the sport is apparent. Outside of just practicing for football in his free time he says, “I just lift weights and play basketball. If it’s not lounging around, it’s usually something athletic” Though he has dedication to the sport he says the furthest he’ll take his football career is college, if that. Simply stating “I don’t want to be a football player professionally.” Despite his lack of desire for a professional career, he did admit that “A sports offer would be cool.” He sees both the team and himself making serious improvement next season. 

One of Trevor’s biggest passions is his voice acting. Aside from football, “lounging around,” and other miscellaneous activities this is what takes up his time. His interest in this started at a young age. “I was watching Family Guy in maybe fifth grade and the creator does so many of the voices, and they all sound so different and I was like man I should do that.” This was only the beginning and Trevor has been pursuing this route since. He is quite active on social media, which he uses as an outlet for all of his voice acting content. He runs Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. He has acquired almost two thousand on his Instagram which he actively posts to. Trevor is currently working on a battle rap series.

Not only has Trevor pursued voice acting through his social media, he’s been very proactive in trying to break into the scene on an even larger scale. He took to Twitter to reach out to America’s Got Talent to ask for a chance to audition. He got the opportunity to record a first audition online, but says that his entire experience was “skewed with Covid and Twitter.” Even still, he keeps his hopes and head high. He says, “I have confidence in my ability,” And fully believes they will take him to an in person audition in the next season where he will truly get to show off his talents in front of the judges and the cameras. 

Trevor Weller may seem to live in the moment but he also has many dreams for the future. Everything he has done, and is doing now are just stepping stones toward what he wants to do. He says the ultimate goal is to “Go on a world tour as a comedian.” He wants to hit it big, and has all the confidence in himself that he will make it. “I want to be big enough to be booked in movies.” 

Trevor Weller is a lot of things: a highschool football player, a voice actor, an inspiring comedian. Through all of this one thing is undeniably clear: he is optimistic about his career and whatever it is that will come. He might not have the exact details planned out but he is ready and excited for what the future has in store for him.

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