Spirit Week Kicks Off At Obama

Spirit Week Kicks Off At Obama

Norma Fruzynski (Junior)

Credit: Norma Fruzynski

Spirit week has officially started at Obama. Students wore jerseys on Monday, embraced the theme of country vs. country club on Tuesday, and pinked out on Wednesday. The schedule for the rest of the week contains even more exciting concepts, with pajama/Adam Sandler day on Thursday and school spirit day on Friday. Spirit week has been successful so far, but it has been somewhat of a bumpy road up until this point. Previously, a separate coalition of students were discontent with the original spirit week plan and proposed a different schedule through social media. This seemed to be a short lived endeavor. For the most part, the student body is going along with the original plan. One interviewed student said that there was a lot of confusion regarding the entire spirit week situation, but she had planned to participate in the original one. One thing she wished were the levels of participation among underclassmen. If you missed the memo regarding this week, don’t fret, because Obama will have several more spirit weeks this school year. There will be one next month in celebration of the annual Thanksgiving Classic. Isaiah Trumbull, a member of Student Council, invites any students interested in voicing their opinion regarding future spirit weeks or our school as a whole to come to Student Council meetings and engage in discussion to make the soon to come spirit weeks more enjoyable for everyone.

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