Scares and Scholarships: The Return of the Anderson Manor Haunted House

Scares and Scholarships: The Return of the Anderson Manor Haunted House

Rose Carlie-Pierre, Aaron Ntoko (Freshmen)

Credit: Iota Phi Foundation

The Halloween season is here and once again the Omega Psi Phi fraternity is ready to scare you with their notorious haunted house fundraiser. Located at 1423 Liverpool Street, the event will take place in the old Anderson Manor on the Northside from Thursday, October 27th through October 29th from 7:00pm to 11:00pm daily with an entrance fee of $10. There will be movies, candy, a Halloween party, and a 4 level haunted house. Scariness and spookiness will abound in this big manor prepared for the occasion, and the fraternity promises that you’ll have fun in a safe and secure environment. If you make it through the end of the haunted house, you will receive a special treat, but don’t get tricked because they are not making it easy! The Omega Psi Phi fraternity will be happy to receive you in this scary atmosphere and the event will be great for all Halloween lovers. Furthermore, all money raised at this event goes to create scholarships for students in the district. The fraternity does several of these such community services events like Turkey Drives for single moms in November, a Toy Drive for kids in December, and a National Talent hunt for students to display and be recognized for their natural abilities. For more info regarding the Anderson Manor haunted house, contact Dr. Hanner.

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