Importance of Grantwriting for Obama

Importance of Grantwriting for Obama

Isaiah Trumbull (Junior)

Credit: PPS

Over the past two weeks, Obama has received three sizable grants to support the school. On September 21st, Purple Eagle held an event to celebrate a $25,000 donation from Dicks Sporting Goods. The next week, GENYOUth, the American Dairy Association, and Pittsburgh Steelers player Najee Harris’ Da’ Bigger Picture foundation donated a grab and go breakfast cart to the school. That same day, Steelers Captain Cam Heyward came into the school to open a Craig’s Closet. This closet, which is supported by The Heyward House and Sport Clips, will give Obama Academy students access to formal clothes for job interviews, events, and internships.

These donations are important to the school for two reasons. First, they support the school in areas that are not fully supplemented. While some chances are presented, without the help of Craig’s Closet and Sports Clips, Obama students would not have access to the formal wear and opportunities that come with it they now do. GENYOUth, the American Dairy Association, and Da’ Bigger Picture foundation expanded on an under-supported area by providing a grab and go breakfast cart. Dicks Sporting Goods supported Obama sports teams and athletics. Obama students will feel very real and tangible positive impacts from these donations.

Secondly, these grants and donations help connect school to community. Building relationships with outside businesses and foundations will help Obama in the long term, connecting students with more resources and opportunities. The reality is that these outside organizations want to build relationships. Embedded within companies’ and foundations’ missions are pledges to connect with and build community partners. Many companies offer educational and vocational programs, tools for schools to take advantage of, and resources to help students. When Obama positions itself as a partner, all parties benefit. 

Donations over recent weeks have only emphasized the role and importance that community partners play at Obama. It is very important for the school to keep developing these valuable relationships. A future is possible where students have the opportunity to take fuller advantage of resources and opportunities provided by community partners, and the recent donations have been a great first step.

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