A Night to Remember

Reece Williams (Freshman)

Homecoming is a chance to make amazing memories, and at Obama it’s a night to remember. This year the dance will be held on the Northside at the New Hazlett Theater. It will take place on October 29th, from 7pm to 11pm . 

The theater held one of the first Carnegie libraries in the country which makes it a historic landmark. The facade dates back to the late 1800s, but the interior looks modern because of a recent remodeling. The stage in the theater will be used as a dance floor while the rest of the space will be adorned with Obama black and purple

Photo Credit: The Event Group

             This will be the third time the New Hazlett Theater will have been an Obama Homecoming venue. Among other staples during the night is Homecoming Royalty. This year, the Homecoming Royalty has been rebranded as Homecoming Court. There will be 3 categories of royalty per grade that are split up by Academics, Athletics, and Arts. Anyone from grades 9th to 12th can run for Homecoming Court. Voting for the candidates will take place a week in advance during lunch. The top 6 nominees will be announced then. During the dance 1 person from each category, per grade, with the highest tally of votes will be announced and appointed, regardless of gender. Anyone interested in running should talk to Mr. Ehman in room 161.

           Tickets are $35 each and can be purchased in room 161, where one can also pick up a guest form for non-Obama attendees. Students who cannot purchase a ticket should talk to Mr. Ehman. Tickets will only be on sale from October 3-13. They have sold out in the past so buy them quickly!

            Students who’ve attended homecoming here at Obama before have described it as being “a night to remember” and “the best part of high school”. With a posh venue and constructive additions, this year seems like it will be no exception.

Photo Credit: Discover the Burgh

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