The Freshman Perspective

Rose-Carlie Pierre (Freshman)

As we say goodbye to middle school and hello high school, freshmen like me are now entering a world in which everything is important. Our grades will determine where we will go in life, not our personality like it used to be 

 Students like me can testify that the first couple of weeks were not at all easy. We were all over the place: looking for our classes, trying to get used to our schedule, and catching early buses. 

But now things have gotten better. I have met friendly faces and been assured that things aren’t all out of my hand. 

Obama is also proving that high school isn’t a story about drama or fights like high school movies. It is a story of friends and good times. I have realized that it’s just an adventure where you must always look forward.  

 I was a bit scared at first, but my teachers helped me with their kind words and my classmates with their smiles. At first, I was unsure, but I think that Obama really was the right school for me. This is looking to be a good year. 

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