IB Arts Exhibitions

Boaz Chapman (Junior)

Outside the Auditorium before honors night on Thursday June 9, art made by 12th grade IB Art students was exhibited. The art was a wide variety, from classical portraits, to more contemporary pieces, to some painted internet memes. There were also a few sculptures and paper mache. A few stand out pieces to your correspondent were a beautiful painting of a sea turtle, a black and white drawing of a bird and nest, and of course, a picture of the smirking spongebob meme. Presentations like these are a great way to show off what students of our school can do. 

Exhibitions like this used to happen at a citywide art event, amalgamating pieces from every PPS school, but events like these were another victim of the pandemic. Consequently, that was not able to happen this year. Instead Obama held a much smaller showing including just Obama art pieces. While this elevates Obama art, we hope that district wide exhibitions will return in the future.

If you missed the art presentation on Thursday, it is still possible to view creative expressions some IB seniors have made. On Monday June 9, at 6 PM, pictures–although moving–made by seniors in the IB Film class will be shown at Obama. Your correspondent was able to get a sneak peak at some of these films, and while they are undeniably student films, the techniques and skills used in these clips are outstanding. If you find yourself with nothing to do this coming Monday, The films will be shown promptly at 6 o’clock, shortly before Senior Awards Night.

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