By Boaz Chapman (Junior)

Many consider the end of senior year to be the highlight of the high school experience with it being the last chance many can experience the freedom of childhood. It’s common to try to make the most of one’s final year before the rest of their life. But in the pursuit of relaxation and the savoring of youth, many seniors lose motivation to attend school and finish school work creating what has been coined, “Senioritis.”

Senioritis can take many forms, famously resulting in things like senior pranks and senior skip days… Obama Academy is not known for students going all out on their senioritis, but nevertheless, students here suffer from it all the same. “I haven’t done an assignment in months,” said one senior, “It sucks, I just don’t do anything,” said another.

Senioritis is not necessarily a bad thing. Making the most out of one’s childhood is an important part of life. If one wants to go to parties or (harmlessly) prank their school, do so carefully. However, one should still make an effort to complete their school work, as many colleges reserve the right to change their mind about accepting students if their academic record falls short at the end of the school year. Feeling burnt out is natural, and seniors enjoying themselves at the end of the year is almost tradition in high schools across the world. After all, the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right.

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