Don’t Don’t Say Gay

Don’t Don’t Say Gay

By Lucy Caroff (Freshman)

The Don’t Say Gay Bill recently passed in Florida prohibiting the discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in Floridian school classrooms of Kindergarten through Third grade. Since its signing into law on March 8th by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this law has caused much outrage in not just Florida but the entire country. Many people are afraid of what this law will entail. 

A main concern of this law is that it will restrict students from an education including LGBTQ+ topics. Some are noticing a feeling of déjà vu, like history is repeating itself. A history filled with more ignorance and less acceptance. Sid, a member of the GGSU at Obama referenced the saying “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

This is a prominent worry. Though many supporters of the bill deny that the bill limits the discussion of LGBTQ+ history, this is widely inconsistent throughout the bill. People have been calling out its vague and inconsistent nature. Pointing out how much it leaves up in the air. Questions are constantly being asked about the meanings and limitations that are not specified in the bill.

People are scared for the LGBTQ+ youth who are being directly impacted by this law. It is a law that limits discussion about who people are, who some of these children are. “I think of every queer kid in Florida… who just feels so alone in this moment, who feels like they can’t trust their politicians their parents their teachers with the simplest thing about themselves.” Grace Randall, The President of Obama Academy’s GSSU, says.

Many people outside of Florida have been concerned about the effect this law will have nationwide. It is showing states that a bill like this has a possibility to pass in their state too. As Grace pointed out, “This is already in motion…it’s kind of terrifying.” In Pennsylvania alone there have already been attempts to pass a bill akin to the Don’t Say Gay Bill, this leaves people scared for the future in our state.

This law has especially left many youth concerned for the future of education on LGBTQ+ topics. Leaving some pleading in hopes for the students already being impacted. This is a growing theme in this country. Children are consistently found on the frontlines of big issues and topics. Grace states with a clear determination, “You shouldn’t have to fight like that as a kid.” Members of the Obama GSSU make it clear that they wish for these LGBTQ+ youth in Florida to see that people nationwide are united with them.

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