The “Best” Lunch

The “Best” Lunch

By Kenza Bey, Lucy Caroff (Freshmen)

One of the staples of Obama culture is its lunches, they aren’t great. But some do stand out above the rest, and The Eagle Times sought to find out what the best Obama lunch was in the eyes of the people. Our survey process was interesting. When asking about favorites, many didn’t respond, or clarified that the meal was their favorite before covid.This made us wonder if the cafeteria food really did change. Everyone has heard about the supply chain issues. That could be to blame with the apparent decrease in quality and short cycle of lunches. 

Our survey yielded surprising results: 29% of students preferred walking tacos. This blew away other popular foods such as chicken and rice, pizza, and the chicken sandwich, which all received around 18% of the vote. However walking tacos being the school favorite does provide a paltry minimum for “good” foods given its reputation for being served with stale chips. It raises another more distasteful question: what is the worst lunch?

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