Ms. Colbert Q&A

Ms. Colbert Q&A

By Boaz Chapman (Junior)

The following is an assortment of questions gathered from the student body and asked to Ms. Colbert. Students were asked “If you could ask Mrs. Colbert one question, what would you ask her?” Not every question made it into the final list and not every question from that list received an answer. 

Where do activity fees go? 

– These fees (which very few students have paid) help to lower the costs of field trips and buses for trips.

Why can’t students wear slides? 

– Shoes that are not protective to the foot (toes especially) can cause harm to students. The composition of those shoes are not supportive. The front and back easily bend, can cause students to fall, slip-easily slide, or other steps on the back or front and cause harm. These shoes are also not permitted when doing labs in science class

Do you like this school? 

– I like our school very much, separate from how I like the behaviors exhibited by many of our students, which I do not. But our school is a great school. Those who come to school or the purpose of school are getting exactly what they need and more. Those who come to play around and engage in inappropriate behaviors are unfortunately not getting what they need.

What is your number one priority for the school? 

– To see all kids succeed at a similar rate.

What is the extent of your control of what warrants a suspension and expulsion? 

– I follow the code of conduct much like the Supreme Court Justices follow the laws passed by Congress.

What do you think the role is of a principal in a child’s education? 

– My first job is to make sure kids are safe and then to make sure that they are learning. If by chance I happen to positively influence a few students along the way then that would be great too. My role is to ensure that students are learning. 

Why did you want to become a principal? 

– To ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn and achieve at high rates and to support teachers as needed with instructional routines to better serve students. 

Am I your favorite student? (Asked by anonymous)

– I don’t have favorite students. I do however, highly favor students whose behaviors align with the purpose of school which is to learn.

Are you doing anything to try to reduce security line wait times? 

– Why would one assume that this is my job? I do not control the number of security guards assigned to our building. This decision is made by the central office. Furthermore, when I look into the hallway daily around 7:30 am on days when our full security staff is present there are fewer than 20 students being checked in. I see no one complaining at PIT Airport or any other airport about long lines. While we all may gripe and complain at the airport as students do in the morning, we continue to fly and students continue to come to school.

If you had absolute power over the school, what would be the number 1 thing you would change? 

– Class size and the entry requirements to attend and remain at Obama.

What is your least favorite thing about the school? 

– The fact that we have few windows

*Author’s note: Check out last issue’s article which explains our school’s lack of windows

Do you think the current amount of announcements made in the school disrupts learning? 

– I do not like the number of interruptions but let’s think about the reasons why we have to interrupt: we don’t have two full time secretaries, some teacher’s intercoms are not working properly all the time, often times students are not where they need to be, and students can’t seem to remember what time they should meet their parent or coach downstairs for a dismissal, etc. So while I do believe these interruptions drive people nuts it’s also a result of many of the things listed above in particular number 3 and 4.

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