“Who Needs Something from the Gas Station?”

“Who Needs Something from the Gas Station?”

Clark Ehman (Freshman)

One thing almost constant among high schools is that they have a place students gather after school. Obama Academy is no different. We are a relatively new school, but as we build our school culture, one thing that almost every Obama student can say is that they have been to the Sunoco across the street at least once. This is our school culture, so it makes sense to learn more about it.

I decided to walk across the street to see what I could find out about school culture from the owner of the Sunoco. As you approach the store, you notice the long line of students waiting outside. As you get even closer, you may see that there is a “one student only” sign stuck to the door. After waiting until I was that one student, I went in to see if I could talk to the owner of the store and get his perspective on the Obama students and his thoughts on being a part of Obama school culture. I was introduced to Ilya, the owner of Sunoco, who told me he has been at the store for fifteen years. Ilya has witnessed the school transition from Peabody to Obama (Peabody closed its doors in 2011). I asked Ilya which students were the better customers, to which he surprisingly replied that the Peabody students seem to have visited more often and to buy more products.  However, he told me he really appreciates the Obama business, and that 90% of Obama students are good customers.

A typical scene at the Sunoco after dismissal

The conversation with Ilya did not last long, but he was very gracious. In speaking with students about their thoughts on the gas station and what they seem to buy most often, Takis, and iced tea seem to be the most popular with a large assortment of Little Debbie’s close behind. Next time you need to grab a snack, or a drink, come over to the Sunoco, introduce yourself to Ilya, and take part in Obama school culture. 

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