“Obama Academy Real Talk”

“Obama Academy Real Talk”

2/23/22, Anonymous

Since September 14th, an Instagram account claiming to be a “confessions page” has taken Obama by storm. The page resembles a less inflammatory modern-day “Gossip Girl.” With 525 followers and over 1.1K posts, (as of January 2022), dozens of people interact with this account by sending “confessions” anonymously (unless they request to be known) via Instagram Direct Message. These confessions mostly consist of gossip, jokes, videos of fights, talk about the school, etc. Obama Academy Real Talk has become a school staple; it brings people together.

Except for when it doesn’t. Despite the positive message the account profile gives off, the confessions page has a reputation for toxicity, vulgarity, and provocation. This columnist wonders if such negative messaging from a widespread source has an equally negative effect on our school.  This page has great potential to incite violence or even hurt feelings as many of these confessions slander students or staff members. It could easily encourage bad behavior at school and pose as a distraction during or after school hours.

The confessions page is just like the latest show: action, comedy, and drama included. It has even spurred a renaissance of like-minded Instagram accounts such as Obama sleeps, Obama Eyeballs (?), Obama Milk Drinkers, Obama Posture Check, Obama Crushes, etc. The list goes on.

These kinds of gossip pages are to be expected in an age where most of life revolves around our screen. While they certainly have negative effects, we must find ways to adapt to them being present in our school environment. After all, Instagram accounts like these will be hard to control even if deemed inappropriate for school. How will they shape the future of the high school experience?

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